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Design trends give you a chance to freshen up and keep your home looking and feeling magnificent. For 2018, this means many changes without tearing out walls and buying new furniture.


Neutral Means Natural

Neutral colors have always been a winner when considering modern design. However, neutral does not always mean white, beige or tan. Light Gray and grayish-green shades have been accepted as natural neutrals and deliver a whole new earthy goodness. Everything from walls to kitchen cabinets can come alive without carrying a boring look.


Patterns that Pop

Have an old tired-looking dresser? This is the perfect year for selecting a bright and unusual print to cover the exterior and add life to a bedroom or dining room. Zig-zags, triangles or other large prints will automatically bring attention and make the whole room seem brighter.


Artful Ceilings

There was a time when ceilings were papered, but never to add highlights to a room. There’s nothing to say that looking up has to be boring so include your ceiling in a whole room experience. Textured paper, accents with beams or colors that give you a sense of being wrapped in beauty will be the result.


Metal with Class

Metal fixtures and iron bars are attracting a lot of attention. Whether you are into the industrial look or just a change from modern and contemporary, metal is becoming a frequent visitor. Perhaps this is due to its substantial presence or the feeling of strength that it delivers, but metal hardware and accessories are hot for 2018.


Large Abstract Paintings

Still life and landscape scenes are okay for homes that want to play it safe. But, abstract art is making a comeback with brilliant colors situated in big white frames. This is the perfect way to color coordinate a sun room, breakfast nook or even a laundry room with excitement. The popping colors will not let you sit still and a joyful mood will come over you.

These are just a few of the simple ideas that can easily be made to your home without a lot of cost. The main trend is to think nature so that you can feel the world around you. Other popular trends include bamboo, tropical plants and bright Herringbone designs on cabinets, walls or furniture.