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R Bruce Fazio

Professional Overview

Bruce Fazio is a real estate developer based in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Over the course of his career, Fazio has been involved in nearly every aspect of the real estate industry from construction to investment. As the founder of ERH Capital Partners, Bruce strives to recognize real estate trends and develop properties that will attract families. Bruce estimates that he has purchased, sold, or renovated more than 300 properties in total.

Throughout his career, R. Bruce Fazio has allowed his vision to guide him. Many real estate developers prefer deals that will net them a quick return. However, Bruce enjoys taking overlooked properties and transforming them into homes that buyers will love for years to come. Bruce credits his vision and imagination as two of the reasons why ERH Capital Partners has been so successful.

Bruce has worn many different hats over the past three decades. When he first got his real estate license, he worked with investors. Working with investors is one of Bruce’s favorite aspects of the real estate industry. However, Bruce eventually learned more about construction which is another facet of the industry that he enjoys. One of the best aspects of working in the real estate industry is the variety of work that one can do.

Organization and persistence are two of the most important qualities to finding success in the real estate industry. Looking back over the years, R. Bruce Fazio recognizes that there is a ladder he has climbed to reach his current position. Success rarely happens overnight. Instead, it is achieved one step at a time. With each step up the ladder, Bruce has learned more about what works and what doesn’t. By applying this knowledge and learning from any setbacks over the years, Bruce has been able to better serve his clients with each passing year.

While real estate is one of the most popular assets to invest in, R. Bruce Fazio cautions potential investors to only purchase properties that are located near their home. Even hands-off investors will find it difficult to deal with a property that is located an hour or more away. Over the years Bruce has often said, “If you’re not doing real estate full time it can become a full-time headache.”

Exceptional customer service, extensive knowledge, and years of experience set R. Bruce Fazio and ERH Capital Partners apart from the competition. Bruce prides himself on taking the time to do things the right way from the outset. As a result, he is able to deal with problems as they arise and make sure that they don’t affect the client’s experience. Making customers happy is one of Bruce’s top goals, and unless the customer is happy at settlement, he doesn’t consider his work accomplished.

Outside of work, Bruce enjoys spending time with his family and playing tennis.